Educational Quiz Competition

JMJ travels - is one of the leading tour operators for NASA, ISRO and other industrial educational tours for brilliant young students of the country. We are excited to announce the Educational quiz competition for the Smart little brains. We are organising a Students Educational Quiz competition for the young minds studying in grades (5-12).

We are offering an opportunity to all the students to participate and requesting the principal to encourage the students to participate in our quiz competition.


The students will earn a lifetime opportunity to visit NASA and ISRO facility and could win exciting prizes along.The principal of the winning school will accompany these children to NASA, USA.
1 - (For 5th to 8th Grade)100 Winners will be awarded a Gift Hamper or a tour to ISRO (subject to ISRO permission).
2 - (For 9th to 12th Grade)12 Winners will get a chance to explore NASA facility, a memorable trip to the USA along with
their principal for absolutely free.
We shall guide you in processing the visa application. ( Subject to getting a US Visa from the
US consulate.)

please note :- There will not be any monetary benefits if you don’t get USA visa .  under ANY SURCUMSTANCE

The competition will be divided into two categories:

The first category will include participants from 5th to 8th grade (Below 5th-grade studentsmay also participate.)
The second category will include students from 9th to 12th grade.

Participation Fees .

1 .Round RS 200/-

2 . Round RS 300/-

3 . Round RS 750/-

4.Round RS 1500/-

5 Round RS 3000/-

Please Note :- 4th & 5th Rounds the student has to come on their own to the venue.



Students will be evaluated based on their knowledge in subjects like geography, history,science and technology, Space General Knowledge, General Knowledge, Current affairs.Participants will also need to prepare for topics like NASA and ISRO.