ISRO Bangalore

ISRO Bangalore

ISRO Bangalore- U R Rao Satellite Centre

ISAC is the lead center for satellite construction and satellite technology development. These ISRO Bangalore spacecraft are used to provide communication, navigation, meteorology, remote sensing, space science and interplanetary exploration applications to various users.

The Centre is also pursuing advanced mission technologies. The URSC is housed on an end-to-end basis with state-of-the-art satellite construction facilities.

ISRO Satellite Integration and Testing Establishment (ISITE) is equipped with state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities for spacecraft integration and testing facilities including a 6.5-meter thermal vacuum chamber, a 29-tone vibration facility, a compact antenna test facility and a single roof acoustic test facility. All communication and navigation spacecraft are assembled, integrated and tested.

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URSC has a Laboratory for Electro-Optics System (LEOS) unit located in Peenya, Bangalore, which is primarily responsible for ISRO program research, development and production of sensors.


URSC is organized under the Matrix Management Structure, like other ISRO facilities. The center is split into several functional areas such as the area of control and mission, the area of electronic systems, the area of mechanical systems, the area of reliability and components, etc. Each area is further split into groups. For example, there are many groups in the Control and Mission area such as the Control Systems Group, Flight Dynamics Group, etc. Groups are split into divisions once again.

In addition, the Project Planning and Evaluation Group, the Computer and Information Group, the Space Astronomy and Instrumentation Division, also facilities and projects exist. Since its inception, URSC has distinguished itself from building over 100 satellites for various applications such as science, communication, navigation, and remote sensing.

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