ISRO Chairman

ISRO Chairman

ISRO Chairman addressed and interacted with over 100 media people from Bangalore and other parts of India at a Press Meeting held today, 11 January 2019 at ISRO Headquarters in Bangalore.

After wishing media people a very happy new year, ISRO Chairman highlighted the achievements of ISRO in 2018 related to the launch of vehicles, satellites and their nation-building applications.

During a briefing on India’s first manned mission flight, Dr. K SivanGaganyaan said, “The mission will be able to carry three Indian astronauts and orbit the Earth for 7 days. It is a significant expansion in the program of ISRO. A new centre-Human Space Flight Centre is being established and will be the leading center for Gaganyaan‘s overall management and realization.

ISRO Chairman also briefed on various initiatives to improve the outreach activities of ISRO.

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