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Duration: 5 Nights & 6 Days Complete Land Package


  • Pick up from the aerodrome, you'll get your initial style of heat Sri Lankan hospitality; A Representative from Nkar Travels & Tours (Pvt) restricted, can Welcome you and transfer you to the urban center of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

En route visits the Munneswaram Temple.

  • Munneswaram temple is a crucial regional Hindu temple complicated in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. it's been existing a minimum of since one thousand cerium, though myths encompassing the temple associate it with the popular Indian epic Ramayana, and its legendary hero-king avatar. The temple is one in every of 5 ancient temples (Ishwarams) dedicated to Shiva within the region. The temple is found inMunneswaram, a village with mixed Sinhala and Tamil population settled within the historic DemalaPattuva ("Tamil division") region within the Puttalam District.
  • Arrive at the urban center and check out the urban center building.
  • Lunch at Outside eating house.
  • Thereafter begin urban center town Tour.
  • KANDY town TOUR hill capital is another “World Heritage Sites”. it absolutely was the last defense of the Sinhalese Kings throughout the Portuguese, Dutch ANd British rule and eventually ceded to British people in 1815 once an agreement. To the Buddhist of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and also the World, urban center is one in every of the foremost sacred sites. obtainable square measure the remains of the Royal Palace (MahaWasala), PalleWasala- wherever the Queens stayed-now used for the National repository, MedaWasala wherever different shut relatives lived, Audience Hall, NathaDevala and Vishnu Devala square measure settled. the washing tent(Ulpenge) is by the Lake and within the Center of the lake is that the Island referred to as “Kiri samudraya” (Milk white ocean) utilized by the kings because of the edifice. Today it's the middle of Buddhism, Arts, Crafts, Dancing, Music, and Culture. Visitors will see these Dance & Music at the daily Cultural Performances control at many places within the town.
  • Visit a gem repository.
  • In the Evening Visit urban center Temple of the Tooth Relic.
  • TEMPLE OF THE TOOTH RELIC (Sri DaladaMaligawa) To the Buddhists of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and also the world, urban center is one in every of the foremost sacred sites because it is that the home of the “DaladaMaligawa” - Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. obtainable square measure the remains of the Royal Palace (“MahaWasala”), “PalleWasala”- wherever the Queens stayed-now used for the National repository, “MedaWasala” wherever different shut relatives lived, Audience Hall, NathaDevala and Vishnu Devala square measure settled obtainable. the washing tent (“Ulpenge”) is by the Lake and within the center of the lake is that the Island referred to as “Kiri samudraya” (Milk white ocean) utilized by the kings because of the edifice. these days it's the middle of Buddhism, Arts, Crafts, Dancing, Music, and Culture.
  • Evening witness the CULTURAL DANCE SHOW that includes numerous recreation varieties of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka …….
  • Dinner &Overnight occupy the urban center.


  • After breakfast at inn exchange to Trincomalee.
  • On the way visit to Spice Garden(Entrance Free and Free Head Massage).
  • Zest GARDENS You will see many flavor gardens at Maranello the Kandy street where Cinnamon, Cardamom, Pepper Creepers and all other zest trees, plants and creepers are planted for guests to see them. Flavor items are additionally accessible for the individuals who might want to get them. At all Spice Gardens guests are taken round clarifying each tree and plant and toward the end clarifying the utilization of them in nourishment arrangements.
  • Visit in Matalethe SriMuthumariammanThevasthanam Temple and Enjoy the Beautiful Area.
  • There is a couple of Rama sanctuary in Sri Lanka, this is one of them.
  • This is the main Rama sanctuary here. This is a standout amongst the most panoramic detours to go from Matale to visit Laggala (on the northern side of Knuckles).
  • The cartels behind the Dunuvila lake are called Laggala. Laggala is determined to structure the Sinhala expression Elakke Gala, which when converted into English gives us the significance of Target Rock.
  • Laggala filled in as a guard point to the King Ravana's military and it was from this stone the primary Glimpse of Lord Rama's military was located and educated to King Ravana. This slope is topographically the most astounding piece of the northern area of King Ravana's city and on a sunny morning, the northeast side that is ThiruKoneshwaran and northwest side that is Talaimannar could be seen even today. Ruler Ravana is accepted to have done a reflection on this stone and asked Lord Shiva at ThiruKoneshwaran starting here.
  • Land to Trincomalee.
  • Trincomalee is a port city on the upper east bank of Sri Lanka. Set on a landmass, Fort Frederick was worked by the Portuguese in the seventeenth century. Inside its grounds, the stupendous Koneswaram Temple remains on Swami Rock precipice, a well-known vantage point for blue-whale viewing. The heavenly mind-boggling contains fancy places of worship and a gigantic statue of Shiva. Close-by Gokanna Temple has all-encompassing perspectives over the city and the coastline.
  • Visit the Koneshwaram Temple.
  • Konesdcagecentre in Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. Assembled fundamentally amid the rule of the early Cholas and the Five Dravidians of the Early Pandyan Kingdom on KonesarMalai, a projection sitting above Trincomalee District, Gokarna cove and the Indian Ocean, its Pallava, Chola, Pandyan and Jaffna configuration mirror a constant Tamil Saivite impact in the Vannimai locale from the established period.
  • Adjoining Trincomalee's celebrated Koneswaram sanctuary there is another place of worship; it is little in size however of some importance for Hindu travelers. This Shankari Devi sanctuary was recreated in another spot. The first Shankari Devi sanctuary said to be worked by Ravana, was the first in the rundown of AshtaDasha (18) Shakti Pitas recorded by Adi Shankara. Be that as it may, its entire precipice was annihilated by Portuguese gun balls. Just a column for recognition is set on that spot now. Also, it is trusted that the first symbol of the Goddess has been saved and supplanted, being revered now in this adjacent new Shankari Devi sanctuary.
  • Visit the Kanniya Hot Springs.
  • The Kanniya Hot Springs is a site with hot wells situated in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. There are seven wells in a square shape. Wells are just 3– 4 feet down and you can obviously observe the base. The temperature is significantly high yet change somewhat starting with one spring then onto the next. Wells come up short on the water when 10-15 cans of water are taken out Legend.
  • Religious Hindu ceremonies devoted to lost friends and family are seen by the Sri Lankan Tamils at this site, had confidence in fables to have been begun by Ravana, the adversary of the epic Ramayana. As per neighborhood old stories, is this site associated with the opponent Ravana of the Hindu epic, Ramayana. Ravana and his mom adored Hindu God Shiva at the Koneswaram sanctuary and the Hot springs of Kanniya. Ravana needed to evacuate the sanctuary of Koneswaram when his mom was in weak wellbeing. Ravana was hurling the stone, Lord Shiva made him drop his sword. Ravana mother heard that news and thought of amazing distress. At the point when Ravana returns he discovered his adored mother destruction was crippled. To do her mom's rituals, Ravana stuck the earth with his sword in a few spots and a few wellsprings sprang from these focuses. The water was hot and this was the start of these heated water springs.
  • Mahabharata, the Hindu epic notes that hot well is close Gokarna inlet, amidst the sea and is the island holy place of Uma's associate Shiva, known in the three universes and adored by all people groups from the subcontinent, including the local clans Naga, Deva, and the Yaksha, the waterways, sea, and mountains.[7] It proceeds with that the Jogeshwari Temple and Hot water spring is the following journey spot for Hindus in transit south after Kanyakumari of the early Pandyan kingdom and Tamiraparni island (Kudiramalai) and that admirers should quick for three days at the sanctuary.
  • As per the neighborhood convictions, the historical backdrop of Kanniya boiling water spring is gone back to the Ravana time and the principal composed references to a high temp water spring close to Gokarna cove (Trincomalee) is said to be found in the epic Ramayana. Anyway, it is additionally trusted that these wells were a piece of a Buddhist religious community and Buddhist priests utilized this spot as a piece of their complex.


  • After breakfast exchange to Nuwara Eliya On the way visits toRamboda Hanuman Temple - In the slopes of Ramboda where Hanuman was scanning for Sita, the Chinmaya Mission of Sri Lanka constructed the Sri Bhakta Hanuman Temple which is visited by a huge number of lovers consistently. Thereafter continue to Nuwara-Eliya. On the way a visit a Tea Plantation& Waterfalls.
  • TEA PLANTATIONS * - Tea was first planted in Sri Lanka in 1824 at the Botanical Gardens at Peradeniya when a couple of plants were brought from China. More were presented from Assam in 1839. In 1867, a Scottish Planter named James Taylor planted tea seedlings in 8 hectares of forestland, in the Loolkondura Estate. In 1873, the tea trade industry of Sri Lanka started with an unassuming 23 lbs. being delivered to London. Tea will become just on moving landscape and is arranged by height into low developed, medium developed and high developed into 3 fundamental gatherings. Today in excess of 200,000 hectares in good countries and different regions are under Tea and around 300 million Kilograms, with a 25% of world tea trades are finished by Sri Lanka as the World's biggest Tea exporter.
  • NUWARA ELIYA - The 'Little England' of Sri Lanka, is set against excellent backgrounds of Mountains, Valleys, Waterfalls, and Tea Plantations. It should be one of the coolest places in the Island, yet it is actually simply like an English spring day, despite the fact that the temperature drops around evening time. All around Nuwara Eliya you will see proof of the British impact, houses like nation cabins or Queen Ann style manors. The Victoria Park, amidst the town, is a stunning spot for a walk or an excursion and is likewise useful for Birding as you get some uncommon feathered creatures in this Park.
  • Seasons might be missing somewhere else in Sri Lanka, however here you can peruse them by the blossoms, which sprout in the spring (March to May) and the fall (August and September). These are the "seasons" when low-nation people run to Nuwara Eliya to get away from the ocean level warmth and moistness.
  • Gregory Lake -Gregory Lake is situated around one kilometer far from Nuwara Eliya town and worked amid the year 1874 by the representative Gregory.
  • Lunch at Outside Restaurant.
  • Visit theSeetha Devi Temple visit (Ashok Vatika), The Ashok Vatika is where Ravana kept the Sita hostage. Ashok Vatika is a greenery enclosure that is available in the Sita Eliya in Sri Lanka. A portion of the fascinating discoveries here incorporates the stone on which Sita used to sit and contemplate. Sita Eliya additionally has the main Site Temple on the planet. The icons of Sita was uncovered from here 100 years back.
  • From that point Divurumpola Temple visit This is where Seetha Devi experienced "Agni Pariksha" (test). It is a famous spot of love among local people here. Divurumpola implies spot of vow in Sinhala. The lawful framework allows and acknowledges the swearing done at this sanctuary while settling the question between gatherings. Supper and Overnight remain in Nuwara Eliya.


  • After breakfast exchange to Bentota.
  • Lunch at Outside Restaurant.
  • BENTOTAon the South bank of Sri Lanka lies the city of Bentota. Many fascinating touring visits are conceivable from here, for example, the Turtle Hatchery, Mask Factory, Galle Fort, Mini Zoo, Garden Brief and "Lunuganga". This is one of the good shoreline resorts of the south coast with numerous inns giving offices to tourists. Beruwala is one of the most punctual Moor settlements of the nation and the Mosque called Kechchimale at Beruwela is well known and is devoted to the memory of Rev.HajjiVoliulla.Beruwela and Bentota are the best territories for water sports, for example, water Scooter rides, windsurfing. Para-cruising, water skiing, and waterway cruising. Beruwela has important offices for.
  • In transit Visit the Kosgoda Turtle incubator.
  • Kosgodaturtle incubation facility - Where you can see five types of turtles-Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas), Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta), Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) and Olive Ridley Turtle (Lepidochelysolivacea).
  • The eggs gathered by the Villagers and Fishermen are acquired by the Kosgoda Hatchery and kept in sandy pens until they are brought forth. The recently brought forth ones are kept in seawater tanks and discharged to the ocean in the night. This Hatchery alone has discharged in excess of 1,750,000 youthful turtles to the ocean. An enrichment by the Hasselblad Estate was in charge of the foundation of this incubation center.
  • Experience the Madu River Boat Safari Ride.
  • 915-hectare Madu Ganga Estuary is associated by two thin channels to the Randombe Lake, shaping a mind-boggling wetland framework including 64 mangrove islets. In the year 2000, International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) attempted a nitty-gritty biodiversity study of the district and uncovered the presence of no under 10 noteworthy wetland vegetation types supporting more than 300 plant species and 248 types of vertebrates. This astounding decent variety has prompted it's being ordered under RAMSAR Convention on Wetlands in 2003.
  • Reach to Bentota and Check into the inn.
  • Supper &Overnight remain at Bentota.


  • After breakfast continue to Colombo
  • Discretionary - Visit the Sivan KovilKochchikade Colombo
  • Lunch at Outside Indian Restaurant
  • Appreciate an Entertaining and Interesting Colombo City Tour and a Shopping Tour.
  • Colombo - a drive through the city taking you to the bustling business regions just as the tree-lined private, Cinnamon Gardens. Visit the Colombo Fort, the previous British regulatory focus and military battalion, Sea Street - the Goldsmith's quarters in the core of Pettah, the Bazaar zone, where is likewise a Hindu Temple with expounding stone carvings and the Dutch Church of Wolfendhal going back to 1749. The noteworthy Dawatagaha Mosque and the previous Eye Hospital are two structures in Cinnamon Gardens worth taking a gander.
  • After the visit, return to the inn and unwind.
  • Supper at Outside Indian Restaurant
  • Medium-term Stay in Colombo


  • After scrumptious breakfast at hotel transfer to Airport for departure flight.
  • (Note: Clients must be at the airport before 3 hrs to departure flight)
  • Accommodation at above-mentioned hotels for 5 nights.
  • Breakfast & Dinner (HB).
  • Airport assistance.
  • All transfers in an air-conditioned vehicle with an English speaking chauffeur Guide.
  • All applicable taxes.
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  • Personal Expenses like Entry charges, Telephone, Fax, Internet, Laundry, etc.
  • Any extra Meals.
  • Any extra excursions or sightseeing apart from the tour itinerary or run by union vehicle..
  • Any entry fees for museum, park, Jeep safari , Elephant Safari or anything else.
  • Anything is not mentioned in the inclusion...
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