The competition will be divided into two categories:

The first category will include participants from 5th to 8th grade (Below 5th-grade students
may also participate.)
The second category will include students from 9th to 12th grade.

Note:-You will be required to share the below mentioned “correct and complete” details with us. failing
which, your registration may get cancelled.

Registration Details
● Name
● Class
● School name and address
● Mobile no
● Email

What is the process?
There will be 5 rounds in total and students need to pass an entrance test in order to qualify
for the coming rounds.

Participation Fee

The fee structure for each round is mentioned below:-
1.Round RS 200/-
2. Round RS 300/-
3. Round RS 750/-
4. Round RS 1500/-
5. Round RS 3000/-
Please Note:- The students will have to arrange their own commute to the venue for the final
two (4th & 5th) Round